ABOUT US About company

CRYPTOHEDGE FUNDINGS is a trading collective headed by William Morgan alongside two other trade executives: Juan Den (CFO) and Steffen Negel (COO) .With over $5.3 trillion traded daily in financial markets, we are dedicated to give our clients their own share of money daily. As a leading global market maker CRYPTOHEDGE FUNDINGS is committed to create the most user-friendly investment management experience for all our clients achieving maximum profitability. We have different insurance-backed plans for individuals to enrol on our passive income program. With a combined financial experience of over 75 years, our executives and staff cover every area required for investment needs like short and long term investments for individuals and large corporations and also the banking community in the finance world to enable high net profits.

We bring some of the most advanced technologies and develop new tools to allow clients invest with confidence and success. In addition to our tools, we also ensure that our customer service is of the highest level. Whatever request you make, we will make every effort to ensure that it will be handled in a timely and professional manner. CRYPTOHEDGE FUNDINGS builds connections that deliver steady returns for our clients and creates more efficient investments around the world and guides our clients through a financial wilderness with our professionally skilled staff.

The company is registered officially to meet the criteria of investors and regulatory bodies. In July, 2016 CRYPTOHEDGE FUNDINGS went through a certification process in Austria and in the United States of America and was licensed by the FMA – Finanzmarktaufsicht.